The Swedish citizen panel

The Swedish citizen panel is a research infrastructure located at the SOM-Institute at the University of Gothenburg that aids researchers in Sweden and abroad in collecting research data. This is made possible by the thousands of Swedes that make up the panel, and their willingness to take part in digital surveys a few times each year.

Panel data collection is an effective way to present research questions to a wide audience of people willing to take part in surveys. Web panels also offer ways of conducting various methodological experiments as well as following individuals or groups over time. Occasionally, we also try out different instruments and question design in the Swedish citizen panel before implementation in the SOM surveys.

The Swedish citizen panel is our main resource for collecting panel data. It is a highly effective and available infrastructure that allows researchers and organizations to direct research questions toward 75 000 active panel participants. You can find more information about how the citizen panel works and how you can be a part of it to contribute to research on Swedish society below.

Research on survey methodology

In the SOM surveys and the Swedish Citizen Panel, the SOM Institute conduct research in the academic field of survey methodology. The main purpose of our survey methodology research is to assess, strengthen, and advance the research methods used by the SOM Institute. However, we also want to ensure that a broader audience will be able to get quick access to our, both bigger and smaller, methodological advancements. Therefore, we regularly make our findings in survey methodology public by presenting them in shorter notes called The SOM Institute’s Notes on Survey Methodology.

Find out more about the research on survey methodology and get access to notes and publications on the Univerity of Gothenburg’s website.

Collect data in the Swedish citizen panel

Present research questions, conduct experiments or follow groups over time in our large web panel the Swedish citizen panel.

Every year we collaborate with a number of research projects from both Sweden and abroad in our research infrastructure the Swedish citizen panel. The panel research is conducted in 3-4 waves each year, each wave containing several different studies ranging from survey experiments to cross-sectional studies. In total the panel has over 75 000 active participants, and offer our fastest and most flexible data collection.

For researchers that are interested in collaborating with the SOM Institute in the Swedish citizen panel or in any other type of panel data collection project, we offer a cost effective one-stop service.

Collaboration in the panel are for research projects and public organizations only. Please note that the Swedish citizen panel is a non-profit research infrastructure and the costs for collecting data are to cover the expenses of managing the panel.