The Laboratory of Opinion Research (LORE) is an organization within the University of Gothenburg devoted to conduct data collection through web questionnaires. LORE aims to be a one-stop service organization for researchers at the University of Gothenburg, and elsewhere, providing qualified consultation on web-based research and instrumental design as well as data collection and data processing.

Collection of data in collaboration with LORE is made through a number of web panels of which the Citizen Panel is the largest with approximately 55,000 active respondents in Sweden. The size of the panel provides unique opportunities to customize sample selection for a variety of designs. In addition to the Citizen Panel LORE runs the Politician Panel and the Journalist Panel.

LORE’s one-stop service offers feedback and advice regarding design and content of scientific studies and survey questionnaires. Read more about how you can cooperate with LORE and how you can use LORE in your research here.

LORE also conducts own research in the field of survey methodology which is sumarized in short reports called Methodological notes.